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3 People Every Horse Owner Should Know

As any rancher or equestrian can confirm, horse ownership is a tremendous responsibility. These animals live long lives and require a greater level of care than virtually any other variety of pet. In addition, a single horse can cost tens of thousands of dollars to board each year. However, if you feel you’re up to the task, owning a horse can be a highly rewarding experience. The bond that many horse owners share with their animals is truly magical and nearly impossible to break. To ensure that your horse leads the happiest life possible, take care to acquaint yourself with the following individuals.

1. Farrier

In light of how much time horses spend on their feet, their hoofs need to be meticulously maintained. This is where farriers enter the picture. These individuals specialize in hoof health and maintenance. In addition to inspecting your horse’s hoofs for signs of infection and overgrowth, a seasoned farrier will trim and clean the hoofs as needed.

2. Veterinarian

In the interest of maintaining your horse’s physical wellbeing, you’ll need to find a vet that specializes in equines. Although the number of annual checkups a horse requires varies depending on who you talk to, your horse should receive at least one thorough examination per year. A good vet will record your horse’s vitals, inspect its coat and look for signs of underlying health problems. Given how pricey healthcare for horses can be, it’s in every owner’s best interest to purchase comprehensive horse insurance. Not only will insurance lessen the cost of routine checkups, it will also prove invaluable if your horse ever requires emergency medical care.

3. Equine Dentist

As the title implies, an equine dentist is someone who specializes in horse dentistry. Since horses are vulnerable to many of the same dental issues as humans, it’s important that their teeth be examined and cleaned at least once a year. If a horse never has its teeth examined, it can develop potentially life-threatening oral afflictions, like abscesses, gum rot and mouth cancer.

The work of a horse owner is never done. In addition to exercising their animals on a daily basis, these individuals are expected to feed them several times a day and take careful stock of their moods. However, very few horse owners are able to care for their animals alone. For this reason, every equestrian should seek out a dependable farrier, veterinarian and equine dentist.