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Benefits of Equine Insurance

Caring for horses can be very expensive. This is true regardless of whether you consider them companion animals or livestock. From illness to accidents, you need to be financially prepared for unexpected events. Here are four good reasons why purchasing insurance for your horse is a wise investment.



Major Medical Issues

Healthcare for horses cost considerably more than other animals such as dogs and cats. This is mainly due to their size and because they require larger doses of medication for treatment. Even if your pet never requires major surgery, common conditions like arthritis, colic and gastric ulcers may warrant long-term care. In fact, the average cost for routine treatments including vaccinations, worming and dental work may amount to several hundred dollars per year. Medical insurance helps make these procedures more affordable.

Personal Liability

As a horse owner, you need to take full responsibility for the actions of your animal. This includes any injuries to others while riding or coming into contact with the horse. For people who use a boarding service, this type of policy is a smart idea. It also covers property damage that may occur if the animal is not secured properly.


Full mortality equine insurance is basically a life insurance policy for horses. While it's essential for high-caliber racehorses and those used for breeding purposes, many everyday trail horses have this type of coverage too. If a horse dies from an accident, illness or injury covered by the plan, the owner is reimbursed for its full value. Ark Agency is one company that offers a free horse insurance quote on this type of policy.


When a horse becomes seriously injured or ill, often it can no longer be used for riding or other activities. In these instances, a loss of use policy provides reimbursement. Under this plan, only permanent conditions are covered. Medical insurance must also be purchased in conjunction with a loss of use policy.

While owning a horse is a pleasurable experience, it does require a good deal of responsibility. Planning ahead for events like sickness, injury and even death ensure you can provide your horse with the care it deserves. The right insurance policy gives owners added financial security and peace of mind to deal with these events.