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Case Study: My Experience With Dentists

The Evolution of Dentistry

The work of dentists has evolved over the years. People used to fear the idea of sitting in the dentist's chair. Nowadays, their services have improved vastly. It is now a nicer place, with less blood per visit, and less time spent there. Such efforts ensure that dental patients no longer fear the trip. People are also better able to preserve their dental hygiene as a result.

Technology has made it possible for patients to be comfortable when dental procedures are being performed. An example is air abrasion technology. Air abrasion involves using pressurized air in pace of metal drills to target the decaying parts of the teeth, which is normally quiet and smooth. the removal of decay from teeth will be quieter and less irritating as a result. In teeth cleaning, patients no longer have to suffer from the application of metallic scrappers and buffers, which have been replaced by the use of air. It is now easier to attend to those with sensitive teeth, and those who find it unhygienic to share cleaning equipment which they feel is not so clean.

Nowadays, dental appointments are increasingly taking shorter periods of time. This shorter time in the dental chair is due to certain equipment. A more efficient and quick method of disinfecting areas where root canal is about to take place is through the use of lasers. The development of a laser diode has made this possible, along with whitening procedures and gum disease treatment. It is an electronically pumped semiconductor laser. Since it can be aimed at a specific target, it can help in the resolution of specific dental issues in a much better fashion. The process of filling teeth ha also benefited from technology through computerization. The length of the procedure has also been diminished to one visit. It is also possible to know the exact time when the filling sets in.

It is now much more efficient to detect and prevent dental hygiene issues. There have been made tests that can tell when there is a case of oral cancer beginning to develop. These tests present a patient with the best chances of surviving such cancer outbreaks, as it will not have completely settled into the system. Dentist can now get a better view of your teeth. This is through the development of dental cameras. The images captured are normally transmitted to a high-resolution screen in the room. The dentist will take shorter time to look at your teeth in greater detail.

3D mapping imaging allows the dentist to chart all the contours of a patient's teeth. This allows them to get to view all the nooks and crannies of the mouth. This enables the dentist to work on any part of your teeth.

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