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Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinary Clinic Brewer, Maine

The Clinic is fully geared up and staffed to offer state-of-the-art care to your pet. The vet did his examination and felt that Murphy may have had a stroke via the night and was displaying signs of vestibular disease.. He precribed prednisone and an anitinflamatory medicine- saying that Murphy should present indicators of enchancment in the next 24 hrs.

In recognition of the busy individual lives of as we speak's pet homeowners, the hospital maintains enterprise hours that provide pet owners in Sanford, Alfred and South Waterboro, ME with many choices, so as to conveniently schedule appointments for the needs of their pets.

While the information tales on this concentrate on the position of unlawful distribution and searching of wild hogs contributing to environmental destruction, I'm significantly disturbed by the idea of any veterinarian taking pleasure and profit in operating a searching ground of any variety.

Hi, I am Angie's mom and I am unhappy to say she has past away right this moment September 10, had been handled for seizures for a little over a was doing good,no seizures for just a few started to get fleas and I went to her vets and acquired her topical flea was FIRST SHIELD TRIO and 5 hours later she was having had been back to her to the vets they usually said they have no idea what caused she was nice until I put that on her and now she is gone.PLEASE DON'T USE FIRST PROTECT TRIO IN YOUR ANIMALS.

Bedding stalled on horses on clean straw helps re-create the constant shifting and grazing horses are won't to do. Horses bedded on straw (with 24/7 entry to hay), spend hours shifting about, head down, lipping, and tonguing by the straw.