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Features of Commercial Dog Kennels

While there are some similarities between regular kennels and commercial kennels, they also have a lot of differences. The biggest difference is that commercial dog kennel features are different from regular kennels. We're going to look at these features below.


You want to make sure the kennel you're using is clean and well taken care of. You'll need to ensure it has running water for fresh drinking water and for spraying down any messes. You could also have a potty area where the dogs can go to the bathroom. Having a specific area will help keep everything contained and cleaner.


The next thing you want to ensure is that the dogs are comfortable. For starters, having a rubber mat can help so that the dogs don't slide all around. In addition, you want it to be big enough for the dogs to move around freely and you also want to have a comfortable sleeping area. Stay away from wood and dirt floors since these can keep in bacteria that could harm the animals.


You want to make sure the kennel has climate control. This makes it so you can keep the dogs comfortable all year round. You don't want it to be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. You also should make sure everything is insulated correctly.


There are three main types of commercial kennels. These are boarding, breeding, and hobby. The boarding kennel is one that is used to keep animals overnight. The second kennel is the breeding kennel, which is used for legitimate businesses to show, sport, or sell puppies to the public. These are NOT the same as puppy mills. The final type is the hobby kennel, and these are the ones that are personally owned. The dogs kept here are primarily used for show and, sometimes, when pets have puppies. Make sure you decide which kennel is the best type for you or your business.


In terms of cleaning and taking care of the dogs, you want to ensure that you can get in there and do what you need to easily. For starters, having a water hose hookup will help you rinse down surfaces quickly. You should also look for a kennel that has a tub or sink. These are helpful with so many things, including: filling water bowls, washing hands, giving baths, and pretty much anything else that can only be done with water.


The final thing you want to be sure of is that the kennel is durable. You don't want it to be torn apart easily. You want to make sure the building itself, as well as everything inside, will hold up well to dogs. This includes using stainless steel items and making sure it has a good foundation.

As you can see, commercial dog kennels have some pretty awesome features that are great for dogs on a business size. While these kennels could be used for personal use, they do much better in a business setting. If this is something you're interested in, make sure you get more information and see which kennel design is best for you!