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How To Turn into An Animal Control Officer In California

In case you love animals, and have a caring soul a profession as an Animal Control Officer could also be for you. WHEREAS, the Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners intends to amend the Shiawassee County Animal Management Ordinance underneath Article II Definitions (1) KENNEL to read: A kennel shall be construed as an establishment whereby or whereon five (5) or extra dogs are confined and kept on the market, boarding, breeding or training functions.

Part 5. Within the occasion of any violation of this Ordinance or of the laws of the state, the Animal management Officer, his deputies or assistants or other peace workplace may subject an look ticket, quotation or summons to the owner of said dog, animal, livestock or poultry, or different person, summoning them to look earlier than a district courtroom or other acceptable court within the county to reply the costs made in violation of this Ordinance.

Section 8. A contract entered into pursuant to this text shall embody a statement that if the terms of the contract are breached as a result of a person adopting a dog, cat or ferret fails to have the animal altered as required in the contract, then the particular person agrees to pay liquidated damages of the grater of $a hundred.00 or actual cheap prices incurred by the Animal Control Shelter or Animal Safety Shelter to enforce the contract.

You may also be aware of when the job openings are going to come up. As an Animal Care Employee or Shelter Attendant you'd be responsible for the cleaning of the shelter, consumption of animals introduced in by the public, transactions as they relate to animals, and euthanasia of sick, injured, feral, or otherwise unwanted animals.

In line with the animal control quarterly reports,324 animals have been euthanized between January and March of this number nearly doubled to 626 between April and the third quarter, 673 animals have been euthanized between July and 's a complete of 1,623 animals put to sleep inside the first 9 months of the fourth quarter reporter euthanasia numbers are due January 11, 2012.