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Looking On The Bright Side of Animals

Facts about Parrotlets

Parrotlets are the small birds which are at their young stages of life. Their bodies are small with an average length of about six inches. The young ones weigh around slightly below thirty grams. Thes birds are kept in the homes by many people. They are increasingly becoming a must-have pet in many families. These birds are very much friendly and can be trained for some purposes in the house.T They easily notify a person when there is a visitor in the compound. People who have little knowledge on the parrotlets are bound to have some misconceptions about the birds and their behavior.

Parrotlets are very beautiful pet birds to have in your compound. Parrots are of different colors which everyone can tell. The colors may be used to signify the different types of parrotlets there exist in the world. Some of the species of the parrots are expensive and rare to find. The Pacific parrot is the most available species of the parrotlets. There is a variety of colors for the different species of the parrots. Species that are yellow in color are the ones that are very hard to find.

Appetite for food helps the birds in maintaining their antique and playful nature. Parrots like cracking nuts for fun and also exercising their beaks which is for that purpose. What is of the nuts could be their food when they open it. Natural supplements are also used as a way of feeding the parrotlets for proper growth. Mature parrots feed less as they require little amount of energy as compared to the young parrotlets which require quite some energy for growth. An food that has very high amount of sugar content should not be given to the parrots. Avoid also food with high-fat content as a feed for your parrotlets.

Reason as to why they are pet birds is because they need attention and care of man. Provided the parrotlets are properly fed they don't require too much attention. Io minutes attention is enough for the fully grown birds. They should be provided with toys and perches in their cages so that they can effectively play by their selves. Parrotlets don't need company from other birds as they don't bond well. The only company the easily get to enjoy is that of their owners and company from other parrots. They, therefore, need to be housed separately

The birds can easily get aggressive when they are provoked. They are fearless and can fight other pets if not well separated from them. Kids and toddlers should not be allowed to disturb the parrots to avoid injuries. However the birds are friendly depending on the kind of interaction one has with them.