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Tips On How To Make Trips To The Vet Less Stressful

By now you’ve probably noticed that taking your pet to the vet can be very stressful. Like humans, pets are also afraid of doctors, tests, being poked around by strange hospital instruments. When the pet is aware that you’re taking it to the vet, they become anxious and sometimes irritable.

If your pet is a cool as a cucumber and lets you go about your business peacefully, like looking for a math tutor Kitchener in peace, then are there certain things you can do to help your pet remain cool even at the vet and during his medical tests. Here are tips on how you can make the trip easy:

  1. Secure a Safe Place For Them

If you are traveling by car, you need to keep them safe by securing a safe place, it could be a crate, carrier, boost seat or harness. By restraining the pet you protect both you and the pet in the car. Make sure your pet gets used to the restraints overtime for it to remain calm. If you take time to acclimate the crate or carrier, your pet will feel more secure. The more the practice the more your pet will get used to the trips.

  1. Take the Pet to a ‘Non-Appointment’

A couple of days before the actual vet appointment, take your pet to the vet’s office to familiarize the pet with the environment. Acclimating the pet to the environment a few days before the appointment will make the experience more pleasant.

Make it more pleasant by cuddling with your pet or giving it treats during that period. You can request the staff at the place to be friendlier so that your pet can associate the place with comfort. Your pet will feel less overwhelmed when you finally take that trip to the vet.

  1. Plan Other Adventures

If you only take your pet out when going to the vet, your pet becomes accustomed to that routine which makes it more difficult to convenience him to get in the car each time. To minimize that, take your pet out occasionally. Take them to friendly places like a park, the beach, restaurant or pet store. The more times you take it out the less it associates car rides with going to see the vet.

  1. Play Doctor at Home

Practice some of the unusual positions and swift movements that comes with going to the vet while at home in order to make the pet get used to them. This will make the pet associate doctor’s appointment with playtime hence making it less traumatized. Use treats to reinforce positive associations during these sessions.

  1. Be Calm

Our pets pick up on our emotional cues. If your pet notices that you are worked up before leaving the house, they will assume that something bad is about to happen. You need to make sure that you comfort your pet as naturally possible and remain calm. Speak to them like you normally do, otherwise, they will pick up on change.

  1. Avoid Crowds

With all the other animals and pet owners waiting in the waiting room, your pet could be even more anxious. Try picking a time when the office is quieter and with fewer people. You could do that by taking your pet for regular check-ups to avoid emergencies.